Thursday, June 11, 2015

Soon and Very Soon

Soon and VERY soon we will be husband and wife. A month to be exact. 


I have been dreaming of my wedding since I was a little girl and have been planning this one for some time now, but we are now down to weeks till the day happens. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am. I feel like I have to contain my excitement because otherwise I will burst into tears because I am so happy, excited, and expectant for July 11th to come. I know it will be the best day yet. Even if it doesn't go exactly as my planner personality would like it to go, at the end of the day I am marrying Gabe, my better half, and no other day could end more perfectly than that. 

I just moved home, back in with the parents, to be in town to go to last minute meetings, and to finalize all the details for our big day. I know this month is going to fly by but I want to soak it all in. Living with my parents, being under their roof, one last time as a single woman. Of course we will be back to visit, but then things will be different. I will have a new last name, and a HUSBAND with me. Weird. So my plan is to soak it all in; family time, sibling time, all of it, because it will never be the same again.

Moving home was a marker of sorts. One month left of single life; one month left before the Navy life. And that marker is here, and I know I will be moving again in the blink of an eye. Moving to Florida to live with my husband. Florida, a state I have visited bunches of times, and have loved visiting, but a place I never expected to call home. But now I will, even if for a short time, it will be our first home, our first place together, the beginning of our greatest adventure.