Monday, October 12, 2015

The Best Day Ever! [Part Two}

Y'all I am so sorry it has taken me so long to do the second half of this post. I have had a lot more on my plate and hopefully it will continue! I have applied and done all the intro parts to become a sub in Duval county. I almost became a sub in Waco, and then the Magnolia job basically fell in my I'm going for it again. I think it will be perfect for me because I can create my schedule around Gabe's schedule! When he is gone I can work all the time, and when he is home I can work less, or not at all...I have some requirements but they will be easy to meet! I'm excited to get started!

Anyways this post is about our wedding day! My favorite day yet! I talked about Friday night and Saturday morning in part lets talk about the evening! 

Our ceremony started at 5pm...well a few minutes after to make sure everyone who was coming found a seat. I was so nervous yet so excited! Everything I had been dreaming of was about to happen and I would be walking down the isle to Gabe! Here is a glimpse into the ceremony:

Our ceremony was perfect. We were surrounded by family and friends, had a time of worship, had friends pray over us and read scripture over marriage, and for our unity time Gabe led us in communion. It was everything we could have wanted to start our marriage! 

After our ceremony the party got started! Here is a glimpse into our reception: dinner, dancing, toasts, friends, family and a photo booth! 

 Our reception was one heck of a party and a pretty fantastic way to start our marriage! We had a ton of fun and were so grateful to get to talk with all our guests! (SO SORRY if we didn't get to say thank you to anyone!) While my dad and I were incredibly proud of our dance (neither one of us are big dancers...Gabe and his mom ROCKED the dance floor! But Gabe LOVES to dance and he had to get those moves from someone :)) We had some tackling for a bouquet, a garter that didn't have a lot of elastic and somehow we only got the bites of cake we fed each other...BUT we wouldn't change anything. We loved it, and we are so incredibly thankful for each person who was a part of our day! 

**If you weren't able to make the wedding (or if you want to relive the day) our wedding video should be out soon!!!**

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