Friday, July 24, 2015

The Beginning of Our Greatest Adventure

7.11.15 came and went oh so quickly. And it was PERFECT. 

This day that I had been dreaming of since I was a little girl happened in a blink of an eye and there are so many sweet memories that came from that day. Somehow we stuck pretty close to our schedule and things pretty much all went off without a hitch. But let me tell you, that wasn't my doing, or even my mom's doing. Yes, we both spent hours planning and getting things ready, but a family friend who has done this kind of thing before ran around all day making my day perfect. 

Thank you so much Mrs. Lisa!!!! Those four words are truly not enough for all that you did! 

[I'll give some more day of details when I have pictures to post also :)]

The morning after the wedding we had a sweet extended family brunch and it was so nice to get extra time with family that had traveled from near and far to be with us on our big day! We ate a yummy breakfast and just got to chat about the wedding or our new life ahead of us.

After brunch we went home and opened some lovely gifts then loaded my car and headed up to Houston. Another huge thanks goes out to Mrs. Lisa, as she let us stay at her house before and after our honeymoon and took us to the airport early in the morning and picked us up late at night! 

Here is a quick look at our incredible honeymoon down in the Keys! 

Monday: We got to the hotel before lunch, napped, then walked into town to eat lunch and do some exploring. It was BEAUTIFUL! 

Tuesday: We took a bus tour around town, walked around town, relaxed by the pool, then went to the sunset celebration where we watched this street performer (who posed for this picture), ate some of the best guacamole, and watched this gorgeous sunset!

Wednesday: Our lazy day! We slept in, got a massage, hung out by the pool/beach, then had dinner out by the water to celebrate 2 years of being together! 

Thursday: Our adventure day! We woke up early to go on a double-dip snorkel trip, then ate some yummy seafood for lunch, took a nap, then we hung out on the beach till it was time for our jet-ski tour of the island! Because of some delays we got to watch the sunset and it was GORGEOUS! 

Friday: Our last day :( We took our time getting up and checking out, then went into town to the butterfly conservatory, walked around town some more, ate some yummy lunch, toured the shipwreck museum (they had a tower with incredible views), then said goodbye to our resort and the keys. 

We got back to Houston late Friday night, and and then got up and drove to Florida! We got to Florida, unloaded a uhaul which my incredible Dad had driven out here, had dinner with my Dad and then real life began. 

Gabe started back to work Monday morning and I started the unpacking, organizing and putting together of our little home. It has been a long week, but it is just the beginning to our greatest adventure!