Sunday, November 1, 2015

Our Little Home

Life lately has been pretty busy. Between me starting work, it being a busy season for Gabe, and Gabe's sister's wedding, we have been busy. But it has been fun :) We loved visiting with family last weekend for Lexie and Kane's wedding and we already can't wait to see everyone again for the holidays! 

Our home is pretty much put together and I wanted to give you all a tour. As I've posted things on social media I've been tagging it #ourlittlehome and Gabe always says our home is not little. But it is, I mean it's a one bedroom/one bath, but it is perfect for us! I love our apartment because it is our first home together, the beginning of our forever started here. And while the home is small we don't need more space. Our home is cozy and perfect. 

So lets get started with this tour! 

When you walk in our front door we have the laundry room on the right and then a super cute table my mom got us!

On the left is our "dining room" or spot where our dinner table is :) Although we don't sit here often, because it sometimes becomes our dumping spot, I love that we have this table to eat together plus there is space for others! 

Just past the cute table my mom got us, is the junk corner. But really. It's a nook with a built in desk and it became the space that stuff just got stored. I've attempted to clean it up...but as you can see it didn't really work. Ha

Then you come to our kitchen! I LOVE our kitchen. I mean we have a HUGE island, well huge in comparison to the space we have in the kitchen. I do wish we had more cabinet space, but as you can see we have gotten creative to store the things we don't use on a weekly basis. 

Next to the kitchen is the living room. And really the dining room, kitchen and living room are one room... yay open floor plan! Our living room became our Waco/Baylor room, and we love it! As you can see we have our suspension bridge hanging in there, you can spot a couple of Sailor Bears, and even some antique Baylor dedicated Dr. Pepper bottles. Oh and there are a couple Magnolia things too! Oh and our "coffee table" is a really awesome antique trunk one of my mom's friends found for us! It is covered in old Baylor stickers and we love it! 

Off the living room is our patio! I love this space and I can't wait for it to cool down some more so we can really start to enjoy this space! I have a small garden going, but it's not going so great...oh well. You live and learn right? I have a project I need to work on to get us a table out there with those chairs...and then it will be perfect! 

Next comes our bedroom, a space that I love because of certain pieces that are in there! We got our dressers and that cute bench from my Nannie (or grandma) and we are so grateful! They are real wood and will last us forever, plus we will get to keep a piece of my grandparents with us wherever we move. Also hanging in our room is our "guest book" from our wedding! We love to read y'alls sweet notes and remembering that sweet sweet day. 

And last is the bathroom. This room was the first room to be put together. I mean all we did was hang a curtain and that awesome map and it was good to go! (I think this was Gabe's favorite room to finish...because it took all of 5 minutes to put together!)

Well that's it! That's our home and we LOVE it! Come visit! Seriously! We will either make it happen here...or there is a hotel like 1 minute away! Plus there is LOTS of good food here and the beach! 

P.S. Sorry these aren't high quality photos...if you want a better look at things come visit! :)


  1. Anna and Gabe,
    Your beautiful home is filled with treasures of Love! What a testament to the love you two share.
    God Bless you and your home and all who enter!

    1. Thank you so much Mrs. Janet! I cannot wait for Hilary to get out here!