Monday, September 21, 2015

The Best Day Ever! [Part One]

I don't think I will ever get tired of looking at our wedding pictures. Is it even possible?
I'm sure you have seen the pictures I posted on Facebook, but I wanted to post a few more and give you some behind the scenes stories of our best day ever! And while this post is long, it is mostly pictures... mixed in with some stories... so stick with me till the end! 

Before I start on the day of, I just want to mention that we had an incredible rehearsal dinner Friday night, put on by Gabe's family and some close family friends. Here are a few snap shots from the night!

The dinner was at a local Barbecue joint! 

Loved the mason jar lights!

Yummy cookies for everyone who came! 

Willow Street kids! 

My sweet dad! 
Somehow I don't have a picture of Gabe and I at dinner so here we are at the Omni right before rehearsal!

The dinner followed an incredible rehearsal where Allen, our pastor, did more than just walk us through the ceremony. He set us, and our wedding party, up for not just a successful wedding, but a successful marriage! It was a great start to the weekend! 

Now onto the big day! July 11th! The day we had been waiting for forever, or what felt like forever! 

The gals room was full of hair supplies...

Makeup supplies...

and food! We had pigs for breakfast and Chick-fil-A for lunch!

Oh and we also had mimosas! 

I loved getting this time with these ladies! It was pretty chill (I wasn't [that] nervous yet), and we just got to chat! 

The guys did who knows what in the morning and then showed up in time to eat some Chick-fil-a for lunch and get dressed. 

Since our ceremony and reception were next door to each other we decided to do pictures beforehand. And to do that, we needed to do a first look! I was so excited to have a moment to ourselves...with the photographers and the videographer...but really, just a moment to see each other and breathe before it all started! 

I love this last picture because it isn't just a reminder of us starting life as a married couple, but we are also starting life as a military family. And I know that by the time we are finished being a military family there will be more medals on my man! 

Are you wondering where the heck we are in these pictures? I had wanted to do this downtown at Heritage Park, but there were a couple of things that made that seem less than perfect as the day got we decided to change locations. My mom kinda works with this lady who has the big beautiful backyard with a bridge in it! And she was the sweetest and let us do our first look here! 

Oh, and we also took some fun pictures with our wedding party here!

Funny story about this last picture...which I noticed when we got our pictures back... I had bought everyone this knot ring and used it in asking them to be a part of the wedding party, and I had one too. So we were showing them off...only I stuck the wrong hand out...good thing in this picture you can't really tell that! ha

After these fun pictures we headed back to the Omni to take formal pictures as well as family pictures! Here is a glimpse into them: 

We had the CUTEST flower girls and ring bearers!! Two of them (Mercy & Levi), I have lived with for the last 2 years in Waco, and then the other 3 (Tucker, Blakely & Asher) are our nephews and niece! 

Well I've decided that since this post is already so long I'm ending it here. The ceremony and reception will just have to have their own post! There are just too many good pictures to share, and I can't narrow it's just not possible. So stick with me and I will show you some insight into the ceremony and reception another day...but for now I sincerely hope you enjoyed this glance into our best day ever!